This week was a mixed bag of tasks, with a prominent focus on bug fixes and a small hint of art on the side!

Basement Bugs

My main focus in the Unity project this week was Otto’s basement. I finished adjusting the creeper cutscene by splitting into two parts, and I also worked on correcting some missing hitboxes and layering issues with the sprites. I also did a bit of playtesting for the upcoming demo builds of the game. These tasks helped me further familiarize myself with the project scene, which I can now navigate relatively smoothly.

The Basement

Drawing Cartoons

I continued working on my character sheet for Pearl (the character I was working on last week), finishing up most of her movement poses. Aside from her, I’ve also been participating in the Toon-tober event going on in the server! I’m a little behind right now, but I plan on catching up when I get the time.

Day 1: Sorceress
Day 2: Hidden

Next Week

Art-wise, I plan on continuing with Toon-tober and working on my character sheet. I’m expecting to be assigned proper art tasks sometime in the near future, as well. As for my programming, I’m ready to tackle whatever tasks I’m given next!

This Week’s Media: The Final Smash Direct

The last smash character has finally been revealed! Sakurai has been a huge inspiration for me in this career path, so I just want to take the time to express my gratitude for his work. I hope he has a very relaxing vacation after this!

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