Monochrome Gameplay and Website Designing

What's been going on

     In brief, last week I put a finish to what I think is the finalized version of the Monochrome mockup website. Not much as been changed, just minor tweaks here and there. I then spent some time playing Monochrome RPG several times over and recorded my playthrough of it. Then on Friday, I am now going to be working on creating a pipeline for the DVNC game development process for the future.

     After finalizing the Monochrome website mockup last week, I started on actually creating a website in WordPress instead of a mockup on Canva today. After using WordPress several times now for the weekly dev-logs, I’m sorta used to it but I still was playing around with it a lot today when creating the website. At this point, I’m just putting in the rough layout and seeing how I can match my initial design in another app. It’s definitely a different mindset when creating a design in an app such as Canva while keeping in mind how it’s going to be translated in something such as WordPress. You definitely get much less freedom in WordPress versus Canva but I’m still playing with it and figuring things out. I’ll manage.

     I then spent some time and played the Monochrome RPG demo released on Steam several times in different sittings and recorded my gameplay. I made sure to record different playthroughs of the game instead of taking the same path over and over. The purpose of this was to have some recorded playthroughs of the

Not from my recent playthroughs but a random gif I had readily available

game so then it can be clipped out at certain parts for things like social media and promotional materials. I ended up with around 4 recordings, but kept 3 of them because the 4th wound up being just a black screen without me realizing.

     Finally I was introduced to the next month-long task and that was to develop a pipeline using knowledge DVNC has learned for developing future games within a set time span. I read up on the document full of all the necessary details about DVNC’s process. I am now researching a little more on development processes so I can get a better understanding of how to structure things then I’ll get onto developing the pipeline.

What''s Next

     Going into the next week, I will be working on the website design on WordPress, and then doing further work on the DVNC game development process pipeline.

This week's piece of media:

Lost Ember

     Over the weekend, I got to play through Lost Ember. The game itself is around 2 years old now I believe. It is a very relaxing and soothing game to just sit back and play through. It is definitely an exploring walking-simulator with a very nice story attached to it. The world itself is extremely beautiful to explore and the mechanics are quite nice to play through. Oh and the soundtrack and music is phenomenal. Overall, I’d give this game experience a 9/10. It’s certainly a must play. I didn’t personally grab any screenshots from the game, though I should’ve, here are some ones I found.

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