This Week

Throughout this week, I worked on beginning to add full controller support to Monochrome. I used an Xbox One controller, since that’s what I had available to me. Otto was already able to move using the left joystick and advance through dialogue using the “A” button. However, none of the other functions that worked on keyboard and mouse were implemented for controller use. Daye provided me with a link for the controller map shown below, and I utilized it to add corresponding buttons to keyboard functions. The “B” button would be used to autofill the dialogue box and cancel, the start button would be used to pause the game, and the select button would be used to open the journal. 

I was able to add these functions to make the game much more controller friendly. All of these functions worked properly with minor bugs, which means that more testing will be required. However, I did end up hitting a bit of a roadblock in terms of the battle and menu controls. This leads into my plans for the upcoming week.

Plans for Next Week

For the upcoming week, I plan to continue testing controller support for the game. In addition, I plan to figure out how to make sure that all of the menus in the game can be navigated using the controller. This range extends from scrolling on the main menu options to being able to select a joke’s punchline in a bout.

This Week's Media

This week’s piece of media that I saw was that EA seems to be ending their trademark on the FIFA series of games. As an avid soccer fan, I have a guilty pleasure for FIFA games, since they’re the only reliable way to play soccer without going out to an actual field. While this doesn’t mean much as of right now, since it only appears to be a name change, hopefully this is the start to EA’s competitors getting the licensing rights to real teams and players.

Here’s a link to the article:

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