Dev-Log #03 – Ethan Whiting – Investor Materials

Newchip Materials

This past week I have been working solely on DVNC’s documents to show to investors. I have worked on an executive summary, go to market plan, and customer personas. Working with these materials has really changed my view on game design and business management. By breaking down what DVNC does into different categories I can better understand the purpose of DVNC. Each iteration helps me envision where DVNC is heading and why the company structure works. As someone who wants to someday have a hand in developing their own games, these business oriented skills I am acquiring a going to be a huge boon.

Extra – Monochrome Playtesting

As of recently, DVNC has been paying play testers to play Monochrome and answer some questions. Since Monochrome Episode 1 is nearing launch, DVNC wants to get more feedback on what makes the game work for players. This past Friday I was able to conduct one of these interviews. I led the participant through the questions and worked them through their answers. The beginning part of the interview is very heavy on personal interest and taste. This is so that we can compare the innate interests of the tester with their interest of Monochrome. This process will help us better define our core audience and strengthen our marketing strategy. Eventually we arrived at the part of the interview where the tester actually plays the game. There were a few bugs but otherwise the cutscenes and combat worked smoothly. Over and over again I see positive feedback about the dialogue and art style which is great to hear!

If you are interested in getting paid to test Monochrome, fill out this form:

What’s Next

After I complete the final few documents for investors, I will begin working with some other interns on a DVNC game pipeline for future titles. This project will essentially put everything DVNC has learned from creating Monochrome into one document. DVNC plans to release 10 new games in the next 5 years. To accomplish this task, we must come up with a solid replicable plan for each games development to follow. Big studios like Pixar follow animation pipelines to easily manage all of their assets and produce movies within a timely manner. My hope is that this planning will produce the same effect for DVNC. I am excited for this project, there is so much I can learn about efficient game development for my games.

Returning to Valheim

Last month, a game I love dearly released an update. I have been very busy these past few weeks so I have found it hard to make time to play games. Nonetheless I found time to play Valheim. Valheim is a game about Viking survival in a traditional Nordic fairytale land. You build hovels, hunt deer, and fight foul monsters deep in the woods. Between the art and the thematic elements, I am in love with this game. Recently I have been fermenting mead. Any game that allows you to ferment mead while sitting inside during a storm is a five star game in my book. I really appreciate all the heart and soul I see present in this game. I highly recommend you go play Valheim… after play Monochrome of course 😉

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