Dev Log #3 – Riley Chiang – Got Away Safely!

My 3rd week at the company had some of my biggest tasks yet! It was the first time I really dabbled in the game’s code rather than just sniff out bugs.

Flee Manager

One issue I came across during playtesting pertained to running away from enemies. When you fled from battle, the enemy would not despawn in the overworld, causing the player to spawn right inside of their battle trigger hitbox and re-entering battle as soon as they arrive at the overworld. After discovering this issue, I was tasked with producing a solution. In all honesty, I was a little nervous dabbling too much in the code, since I know how delicate these things tend to be. I ended up creating a new script to manage the temporary disabling of enemy hitboxes, and only slightly altered the original code to allow my new script. This permitted me to apply my corrections safely.

My flee manager code

Nearing Completion

I’m nearing completion of my first character sheet! She only has a few more things that need coloring, so I expect to be finished this week. Since I’ve been busy with code, my art has taken more of a back-seat this week, but I still aim to make progress whenever I can.

My near-completed sheet!
This guy isn’t important I just had fun making him

Next Week

My upcoming tasks this week have me delve even deeper into the game’s code, specifically to have a tutorial trigger when the player takes damage. Learning how to code with the ORK systems at play in the game is difficult, but I expect it to go down rather smoothly.

This Week’s Media: Metroid Dread Release

This may have happened last week, but it’s only really piqued my interest recently. I’ve heard from friends and coworkers alike that it’s very fun and surprisingly difficult. With my birthday coming up, I’m wondering if I should append this game to my wish list…

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