Dev Log #04 – Nhut Do – Website Designing and Pipelining

Finishing up the Monochrome Website and Diving into Pipelining

What’s been going on

     This past week has been mostly working on the Monochrome website and looking more into this new pipelining and strategy project I’m working on for DVNC.

     The majority of my time went into working on the website this week. At the beginning of the week, I had roughly translated the bare minimum content from my mockup on Canva over to WordPress. As as I mentioned last week, it was definitely quite wonky to go from an app like Canva over to WordPress. Nevertheless, I was able to work it through and I think I got to a desirable finish. Most of the time went into tweaking minor settings like margins and such and playing with all sorts of settings to get it “perfect.” Here is the final draft version of it below:

     What was definitely helpful through this process was taking necessary breaks every once in a while so that when I return, I’ll have fresh eyes to work with. I certainly tend to overlook things when I’m working on something for so long, so here’s a reminder to take your breaks.

     Throughout the week, I also began on working on the DVNC Game Dev process. Most of my work on this task so far has been researching more about the process of game development and gathering information for it. As of right now, I have taken what I’ve read on game development, pipelines, and other research and started to put it into a digestible pipeline. 

What’s next

     For now, I am going to fix up on minor things on the website that I’ve noted and am going to finish that by Wednesday. It’s going to get reviewed and then is looking to be published as the Monochrome Website! I am then going to be continuing the work in this pipelining and will have a rough outline by this week.

This week’s piece of media:

It Takes Two and Personal Art

     Over the weekend, I got my friend to play It Takes Two, which is a phenomenal 2-player action-adventure puzzle platformer. This game was released earlier this year in the springtime and here I am playing it now. This game is the definition of what I like to think is the epitome of Co-Op games. The story was amazing to follow along. The platforming was really enjoyable to play through. But man the amount of different styled game mechanics and genres sprawled all throughout the game is just great. This is 100% highly recommended.

     I also found the time to get some painting in after not having done it for quite a while. I convinced some friends to watch 2 of my favorite animes: One Piece and Haikyu. I just got inspired when they were watching it so I just made some paintings. Here they are!

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