Dev-Log #04 – Sean McLaughlin – Book Progress

Making Good Progress on the RPG Book

I didn’t handle too much on Twitter this past week, so my main focus was on the RPG Book. Vince and I set the draft due date for around Thanksgiving but with the progress I’m making, I may get done early. The majority of my time so far has gone into the character pages which are really starting to look how I want them too. I decided to try to make them replicate these 1920s Vaudeville posters that would contain a list of entertainers. The reader will have to turn the book in order to read it but I think that will only add to the idea of it being a poster. I also set guides for more text heavy pages. However, it is a little challenging trying to decide how to arrange the text. The text sections are a bit of a weird length; not long enough to occupy a page but not short enough where you can fit too many sections on a single page. But I’m slowly finding solutions so I’ll figure it out eventually.

I’m also struggling a little recently with coming up with creative ways to display the text. A bit of a mental block but I’m sure I’ll get past it. I also did some minor ToonTober stuff this past Monday. I just uploaded some more images to the calendar and did some art posts.

Next Week

Next week I’ll be continuing my RPG work. I’m hoping to know where and how all the text will sit by the end of the week. My daily work on the DVNC Twitter and ToonTober posts will most likely also continue. 

Weekly Media

I wasn’t planning on doing another post about anime but my hand’s been forced. One of my all time favorites animes, Mob Psycho, randomly decided to drop a Season 3 trailer without even confirming a renewal. So I’m super excited. 

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