Unity Work for the Week

Most of the work from this week was similar to last week, which mostly just involves implementing characters from Airtable to Unity. This week, I was asked to focus on the overworld characters, such as the Merchant, Rayel, and the Octopus Bartender. The only new elements I worked on was  setting up the animators for the overworld characters as well as the battle characters from last week. I really love the in-depth exploration of Unity and I’m so happy I get to work with the tool more and more as time goes on. Overall, similar to last week, but just a little more to give me new experience. 

Introduction to Blender

This week, I am to begin getting used to using the primary 3D tool for the Monochrome RPG, Blender. This assignment was pretty simple and it was just to follow a several part YouTube tutorial that goes in-depth about the different mechanics and features of the program.  While I have used Maya thoroughly, I do not have the same experience with Blender, making this a valuable learning experience for the layout and workflow. The tutorial covers how to make a realistic donut and coffee cup and I’m kind of proud of how they turned out!

Crowd Assets/Placeholders

The last assignment for this week was a bit sudden but mostly returned to basics. The programmers needed some basic crowd assets to serve as obstacles for one of the levels in Otto’s home. They’re simplistic and just involved some Photoshop work and was a nice way to end off the busy week. They’re not impressive by any means, but serve as okay placeholders for the time being. 

Random Stuff and Hype

So about two days ago, actual footage of real-time Elden Ring was leaked! In my opinion, this was a pretty good compensation prize for the game being delayed by a month, but overall, I’m still super excited to grab all my friends to play this game. As a FromSoft fan, I’m a huge fan of the armor designs and weapon designs to far and can’t wait to explore the world for myself. This leak wasn’t supposed to happen to my understanding but it really only made me more eager to spend my 70 dollars on this game. (Also there’s jumping in this game!?)

New Mariokart 64 Speedrunning Discovery

Even thought I’m not directly involved in any sort of speedrunning community (Besides Mike Tyson’s Punch Out individual fights), I do pay close attention to the developments in these areas. When news comes out that a game that was previously thought to be 100% cracked open, I can’t help but indulge in those communities again. I have a few speedrunner friends too and they are often very shocked when news like this comes out. Just thought it would be cool to share with any speedrunning enthusiasts!

The Batman Trailer Dropped!

I’m a HUGE Batman fan and the trailer dropped for the new “The Batman movie!” Honestly, the entire trailer was amazing and I’m excited to see the Riddler and the Penguin as villains in this movie! Anyone who likes comics should check it out but anyone who cares probably already has.

Random Art Stuff

Gift for my Boyfriend
Goat People Design

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