Finishing Investor Materials

Earlier this week I finally completed all of the investor materials for DVNC. All together we have an executive summary, a go to market plan, customer personas, an elevator pitch, a cover letter for emails, and a company organization chart. Each one of these materials is serves a specific purpose in showing DVNC’s value as a company. Along the way this has taught me important lessons in what is needed to make a startup company run.

An example of a customer persona

The DVNC Game Pipeline

Like I touched on last week, me and Nhut are working on a pipeline for new game development for DVNC. This serves to help DVNC quickly develop new IPs as well as expand the Monochrome universe with new episodes. DVNC has learned many lessons while developing Monochrome and it is our job to use that knowledge to develop a better plan going forward. So far, Nhut has been able to create an outline with some rough price ranges and timeframes. Now that I have finished up my investor materials, I will be joining him in his process to develop the pipeline.

What’s Next

Going into next week I hope to increase my involvement with the game pipeline. Much of this development process relies on fine tuning and tweaking week by week so you can expect a lot more pipeline content from me in the future… That’s it!

Dune Baby Lets Go!!!

I am hyped for seeing Dune this Friday. The cast is stacked and our technology is finally advanced enough to do the movie justice. A bunch of friends and I are carpooling over to the local theatre to watch this highly anticipated film. Now, I must confess that I have not read the books or even seen the old Dune but at least I have played the board game! Either way I hope this will get me invested enough that I may finally read the books.

An Image from the original Dune movie

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