Dev Log #4 – Riley Chiang – Poking and Prodding

Week 4 was all about polishing up the details, both in Unity and in my artwork!

Adding Pokables

In Unity, my main task this week was to implement one of my favorite parts of any RPG: the flavor text! This mainly focused on the Dialogue Manager, adding new strings of dialogue for each investigable object in Otto’s house. It was a bit tedious, but it also gave me a lot more insight to the game world I’m helping create. Knowing all the nuanced little details really helps flesh out the vision of the game world!

Screenshot of the dialogue editor

After adding the dialogue, the next step was to add the pokable objects into the scene itself. It was here that I learned two things. Firstly, many textures for the pokable decorations have not yet been implemented. Secondly, the current game map and the blueprints the team have devised aren’t exactly one-to-one. In response to this, I added a handful of pokables to the map, leaving a few unimplemented for when we decide on what version of the map to use. As for the missing sprites, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a placeholder sprite for the time being.

My placeholder sprite. Ain’t he cute?

Another small thing I did this week was implement the Item Tutorial dialogue. It’s set to activate when the player’s HP drops below a certain margin. It was a bit finnicky, but as of now it’s working properly!

Finishing the First Character

I finally finished up my first character sheet! It took much longer than I expected, with all the poses and such that needed to be done. Now that she’s done, I’m not quite sure where to go from at this point. Maybe I’ll make another sheet, or if needed I could fill out the backstory for this one? I’m open for anything, really!

Fun Fact: Pearl may look like a human toon, but she’s actually a painting! She just doesn’t like being cooped up in her stuffy canvas all day.

Next Week

I have what I expect to be two somewhat tough coding tasks ahead: implementing extra strings of dialogue at the end of some early battles, and implementing a whole new quest. I believe I’ll be working with new tools for these tasks, so hopefully I learn them quickly.

As for art, I suppose I can try finishing up that smoking lizard fellow as I await further instruction. I considered naming him Mariguana, but that’s besides the point and also probably a little too mature for this game.

This Week’s Media: Patch 13.0.0

At long last, the final Fighter’s Pass is out! I’ve been playing a ton of Smash with my friends recently and have been thoroughly enjoying every moment of it. Sora is an excellent addition to the roster in my opinion, and though it pains me to acknowledge this is the last character being added for Ultimate, I can happily say that Sakurai ended on a high note.

Also, my main Zelda got a couple of buffs this patch! Double win!

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