The Workbook!

What's been going on

     It has now been a little over a month into co-op and so far, it has been really exciting and getting to work on many different things is really nice. I’m really enjoying this experience so far.

     As for this week, the majority of my work revolved around working on the newly dubbed “Deviant’s Indie Game Design Workbook” from the just not-so-exciting name: the DVNC game development pipeline. The beginning of last week began with getting in general information into the document and seeing how things were formatted. After getting a good general idea of where things were and what the content was from an outline, I began working on a series of fillable sheets for pre-production. Funny enough, the best reference that Vince had found for us was from the boy scouts. 

     At this point in time, I’ve taken these boy scout sheets for reference and used them in creating similar-looking forms for pre-production. Right now, I’ve created several worksheets for an art bible, story bible, and a GDD. Each of the sheets were similar in format but I tried to explore different ways of creating a sheet for the best possible look and efficiency. I’m also looking to make it as intuitive as possible. These are only 3 so far and I’ve got about 3x that much to do so it’s going to be quite interesting.

What's next

     As of right now, I’m going to be working on this new project for a good bit. So for this week, I’ll be working on filling out more of the document, re-formatting, and making new sheets. 

This week's media


     Here are some random recommendations for songs that I’ve been listening to a lot over the past week.

Heaven's Drive - (sic)boy, KM, feat. vividboooy

     Here’s a Japanese pop-hip-hop-rap song that I’ve been listening to pretty much non-stop over the past week.

Just a Little - Hogland, Melanie Wehbe

     Here’s a pop-edm song that’s pretty chill.

Musician - Porter Robinson

     Finally, here’s a really nice chill-edm song. I recommend listening to his latest album, Nurture. 

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