Dev-Log #05 – Sean McLaughlin – Back Into Twitter

Working on Twitter More and Continuing Book Work

My work on Twitter picked up again this week. I started by adding followers through Tweepi again although it was slow going because I was afraid of getting the DVNC Twitter account suspended. I also continued my daily 25 replies and 4 retweets. Starting Monday, however, I had reached the max ratio of following to followers. So Vince tasked me with beginning to unfollow 200 people a day in order to decrease our numbers to 500 followed accounts. This was a bit of a challenge considering my previously mentioned fear. Monday, it took most of my day just unfollowing people. However, Vince gave me some tips and I was able to get done my unfollows on Tuesday a lot faster. Hopefully I don’t wake up to a suspended account. I also worked more on ToonTober this week. I’ll be updating the posting calendar for what remains of the month, but Amber will be doing the posts. My work on the book is also continuing smoothly, although I did not accomplish as much on it this week as I would have liked to.

Next Week

Now that I can quickly do my Twitter work, I should be able to spend the majority of my time finishing the rough draft for the RPG Book. Hopefully the rough draft will be finished in a week or two.

Weekly Media

Given that it’s about to be Halloween, I figured I’d show a semi-spooky video from an animator I like on Youtube. His Youtube name is TerminalMontage and he does video game parody videos. This particular one is a Pac-Man parody that he released around last Halloween.

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