Tying Up Some Loose Ends

Most of the beginning of the week was me just refining work from the previous week or finishing up long-term assignments. The crowd assets needed fixing so that the detail between them remained more consistent and that they covered the correct amount of space that they needed to. These assets are mainly just guides and placeholders and will eventually be passed off to the animation team for more thorough refining and actual movement. It was still really cool working with Unity and Photoshop side-by-side and it allowed for me to get a better reference when creating things to scale. Super cool and equally valuable experience. 

Another thing that I wrapped up was actually the Blender Donut, as even though most of it was done the week before, the coffee cup was finished Monday of this week. So with all the older work out of the way, I was able to do some new things in Unity.

Basecamp Assignments

I love the opportunities to become more and more familiar with Unity and this week was a return to basics as well as some newer additions to the pipeline. All of my work starting from these assignments is now going to be administered through Basecamp, which really helps gauge how much I should work and what I have to work on. Overall an amazing tool, and it definitely helps when I have a lot of character implementation to do. 

Essentially, the main goal was to go through already existing character prefabs and try to fix the listed issues with them, which tended to be small but still worthy of being addressed. Emile, for example, had a shifting issue where for only one move, he would become off center and it would give the illusion that he teleported a unit or so to the left. The problem wasn’t solved by keeping his pivot point consistent with the other animations, as tends to be the case with other animations, but rather a new, custom point had to be set and it still wasn’t 100% exact. It was difficult, but we were able to make his animations flow nicely. 

The next task was to screen record testing the animations for a few characters. Most of the animations went smoothly, but it did highlight some important issues in some of the character’s sprites. The most common issue was size inconsistencies, especially in the case of the speaker’s overworld model. I covered this in-depth on the Airtable so if anyone wants to check out me using OBS for the first time feel free. 

Up Next

Because of Basecamp, I am able to accurately determine what I’ll be working on well in advance! Next week, I’ll begin the character implementations for Grayshade Valley Characters and start working with some UI elements, specifically those for the pause menu. 

Some Random Stuff

I play a lot of mobile games and it just so happens to be the 5th Anniversary for one of my newer favorites! Of course there’s a ton of free stuff and a bunch of exciting campaigns to explore. The Dev team is really sweet and even gave the players codes to access even more free stuff by watching to the end of the video. Be wary though, the game will kill all of your time, both productive time and free time. 

Because I just love cooking shows or shows in that sphere of entertainment, I went back and rewatched the first 2 season of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares (Uncensored). It’s basically a yearly tradition for me at this point and I love how dramatic the show is and how funny the editing is for someone exposed to media from the 2020’s. Still an amazing show, and will forever be a classic among me and my friends. 

Been watching a lot of videos surrounding the WarioWare Smooth Moves for Wii game, which just so happens to be my first WarioWare game. Apparently theres a pretty cool speedrunning scene for specifically this game and I’m glad its getting recognition. Included the best (WarioWare) song ever because I can. 

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