More Workbook!

What's been going on

     This past week has pretty much revolved around continuing the work on the workbook so this’ll be shorter than usual. 

     For the document, I did a little refining of the beginning section of the workbook where the general information is. I then worked on some more worksheets and am starting to slowly knock them out. And then throughout the document, I added some emojis here and there for a little extra flare. The document so far just includes the pre-production stage and it is shooting to be well over 60 pages along (not including the other stages). It’s currently at around 51 but I’m still filling things in so this is going to be hefty. I do have other plans to make this document a little more “exciting” but still flushing that out. Below is just a page from the general information section talking about the documentation and another image of a worksheet.

What's next

     Just like the past week, I’m going to be continuing my work on this document/workbook. There’s still a long ways to go. I’m also going to be writing a 1 page GDD on this new game idea that Vince had showed me. From what I remember, it is going to be a nature-themed platform shooter that’s supposed to be less violent? I think I got that right. Anyways, that’s going to be fun to work on.
     I am also going to be doing some playtest interviews throughout the next couple weeks. This should be quite fun and interesting to do.

This Week's Media

LoL Arcane: Imagine Dragons & JID - Enemy (Music Video)

LoL Arcane Final Trailer

/dev diary: World of Arcane

     My gosh, I cannot wait for this show to release this Saturday. It’s been long awaited ever since it was announced 2 years ago for Riot’s 10 year anniversary. It’s been long awaited even before that. Anyways, above is a really gooood song Imagine Dragons did with the team and then a final trailer for the show. Again, the quality of the music and animations are just always exceeding my expectations. Really excited for the several songs that’s going to be released throughout the show because apparently Riot is now a music company. 
     I also think it’s really impressive how Riot has timed and is incorporating this Arcane theme through all their games – LoL, Wild Rift, TFT, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra – in their upcoming events while also managing the world championship and preparing for game changes for the next season. The scale at which they’re doing things is just blowing my mind.

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