Wrapping Up ToonTober and Continued Work

This past week, October has come to a close, and with it, The ToonTober Competition. The last of the ToonTober Tweets were sent out by Amber and at the beginning of this week, Vince tasked me with make a summarizing post. I just wrote about how much we enjoyed having the competition and about being thankful for all the participation and about promoting the game. Most of my time Monday was spent looking through all the art and finding the 12-16 best pieces for the post. As it so happens, there were 16 artists on Discord who participated so I decided to go with the best of each of their’s to make everyone feel included. I’ll be sending the text and pictures to Amber soon and she’ll post it on Saturday.

Outside of my work for ToonTober, I continued my regular routine. However, we ran out of accounts to unfollow so Vince started me back up on following again, 200 per day, just as before. So today I completed my first 200 again. I’m also still doing my 25 replies and 4 Monochrome retweets.

The book has been coming along nicely as well. Just today I was able to get an important asset from Nick and Vaughn answered some questions for me which will help me organize information better. I also began updating some of the older pages and organizing my fonts into specific styles. The text for the art book section has also now been inserted. I’m still struggling with some sections, such as the section on Toon Society, but I’m sure I will get a good idea for them soon enough. 

Next Week

Now that there’s no more ToonTober work to do, I hope to make great strides on the Monochrome book. I’ll probably have to just “bite the bullet” so to say and use stand in assets for anything that hasn’t been made yet, but hey, what can you do.

Weekly Media

On Friday, I saw Dune with some of the other people at DVNC and was pleasantly surprised. I was never all that excited for the movie. It seemed like it was relying too heavily on the cast. And when I finally got a little excited, my grandfather told me he wasn’t very impressed. However, I thought it was fantastic. It was like watching humanity’s past play out in the future. Also, the sound design was stunning. All in all, it was a pretty interesting movie. I’d say about an 8/10. Can’t wait for the next part.

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