UI Work- UI Journal Mockups

This week, I got to try something a little different when it came to assets and features in the actual game. Instead of just working on implementing characters, I was able to learn my way around the different UI features I would be working with in Unity! I was provided a handy list with all these elements and their primary functions, which for someone who has yet to work with anything quite like this so far, is really cool. The main focus of this assignment was to organize the different elements of the pause menu. 

The task was pretty simple: organize the elements on each page based on type/purpose, describe the function and use, and list anything else that may be needed. Overall, it was a very immersive way to learn about how menu systems work in games and all the considerations developers have to make for something that seems so natural and effortless. I hope I will get to work with actually implementing the UI elements in the future, but overall, I feel I got a lot out of this little task. 

Grayshade Valley Character Implementations

Over the last few weeks, I have been doing a lot of work implementing story and battle characters from the Otto’s Basement segment of the story. Overall, most characters have been implemented and I was able to document all of the issues in the Alpha Asset Planning Guide, meaning that any problems I ran into will be resolved in the near future. For the most part, the character implementation is complete for Otto’s Basement! Time to celebrate and move onto the next segment, Grayshade Valley. 

The characters I was assigned for this week were Queen Bee, Alice Fields, the Farmer, and Buff Bee, all of which were still mostly works in progress by the time I began implementing them. Queen bee and Buff bee are battle characters, meaning that I would have to implement both sets of animations into two separate prefabs, one overworld and one battle. The sprite sheets were generally cleaner and easier to work with, but I did have some issues with size consistency or moving pivot points. 

With all the practice under my belt up to this point, the process of implementing is a lot easier and quicker for me, meaning I was able to knock this work out very efficiently. 

Work for the Future

In the coming week, I’ll continue working on even more character implementations as well as some artist work on midground assets. All of my tasks are outlined on Basecamp, and the characters are all from Grayshade Valley. As for the midground asset, I will be editing and doing some additional shading passes for the Beehive building that will appear in Grayshade Valley. Most of the edits will be fleshing out the lineart a little and adding some shading to the beehive. 

Random Media

So a small team of developers have been creating a “demake” of the PS4 exclusive game, Bloodborne. Basically, it’s a recreation of the game up to about the third boss but completely redone to resemble a PS1 game. Even the music and audio sounds like something coming out of 1 audio channel. Honestly, the project is super cool and I have been keeping a close watch on it for about a year and a half now and I’m glad to see it coming to completion. Check it out! The team did a great job and I can’t wait to finally play it.

I’m pretty sure no one needs me to suggest this classic as a good movie to watch for Halloween but it is seriously one of my favorite movies ever. A good way to wind down the week and get yourself psyched for the spookiest day of the year. The entire thing is apparently free on YouTube so there really isn’t a reason to not watch this classic. 

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