My Recent Work

I have fallen into a routine with my work and I now have a few projects under my belt. I am enjoying my time working with DVNC so far.

Recently I haven’t had much on my plate. The DVNC GDD has been covered by Nhut and the few loose ends with the investor materials have been tied up. Talking with Vince, it seems like I have more work coming my way next week so this will be a short post.

What’s Next

There have been a flood of applicants that want to test out Monochrome and that is awesome! It will be my job to set up the interviews and then conduct them. I have already done one before so I will be excited to conduct many more. I love hearing the community’s feedback.

Dune, Is It Worth The Watch


Despite what IGN might say, I believe Dune is a refreshing sci-fi movie that has gone against the grain when compared to many of its peers. I felt in awe by how well this movie grappled me into its universe. The soundtrack, the acting, everything was truly amazing. The only gripe I will agree with is how the last third of the movie is a little dull. Since the movie is supposedly very faithful to the books, the ending is caught in a weird lull that would usually be setting up for more action. Part 2 was already announced so if you are interested, read the books! I sure will.

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