Dev Log #06 – Brian Glogower – Learning the Behavior Designer

This Week

Throughout this week, I picked up right where I left off. Since I don’t have much experience overall with AI behavior in Unity, I continued to look through tutorials and start to practice with elements of the PolyNav system and behavior designer. I started by making simple animation transitions and adding simple movement cycles to placeholder enemies, on a simple “left to right” cycle. I encountered some successes and some definite issues, but overall I believe that I’m slowly but surely starting to understand all these new systems better. I also continued to watch tutorials on the PolyNav system in Unity to gain a better understanding of how it all works. In addition, I’ve been looking through many of the scripts that will be useful, the main one being the PolyNav Sprite Flip script. I think that by getting a better understanding of how each of the scripts work, I’ll be able to get a better understanding of how to complete this task, and tasks similar to it in the future. Unfortunately, my progress has slightly stagnated compared to what I wanted to achieve by the end of this week, but I think that hopefully all of these tutorials and practice runs will be more beneficial going forward.

Plans for Next Week

Throughout the next week, my plans remain similar to last week. I plan to continue keeping to familiarize myself with Unity’s animation system as well as the PolyNav system. In addition I want to work more with the behavior designer and try to finish more of the Speaker enemy’s idle animation cycles throughout next week.

This Week’s Media

For this week’s piece of media, Local 58 is back! The channel uploaded a new video for the first time and two years and there’s so much going on here. Without spoiling too much, I recommend taking a look at some of the “outside resources” provided in the video and seeing if you can piece together more parts of the story of what’s really going on in the world of Local 58. My friends and I fell into a mini rabbit-hole following all the information, and it took us everywhere from internet archives to deciphering Morse code. I highly recommend this series for anyone who enjoys analog horror as well as internet mysteries!

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