Dev-Log #06 – Ethan Whiting – Setting Up Interviews

The Interview Process

This week I was introduced to my new task. I will be conducting interviews where play testers play Monochrome and I ask them some questions. Lilly, a member of DVNC, has forwarded all the information I will need to start sending out emails and scheduling these meetings.

These interviews will be conducted over Zoom and usually take about an hour to an hour and a half. I ask the play tester an array of questions about their personality, their interests, and their feedback after playing the game. Monochrome is coming closer to release so this feedback can help DVNC gage how the game will do upon release. This also helps us hone in on our target demographics. I then record the feedback in Airtable and upload the recording of our interview.

The game isn’t without bugs though. Usually a bug or two will pop up during the gameplay and I will mark that down so it can be squashed. Regardless, most of our play testers love Monochrome! I am excited to conduct more of these interviews this week.

What’s Next

I will mostly be working on these interviews for the time being. Vince will be looking over the investor materials I made and will then make suggestions on what to change. Once he takes a look at my work, I may have to go back and revise.

Brian David Gilbert Is An Icon

Brian David Gilbert (or BDG if you haven’t much time) is a master creative. He works with comedy, music, and video to cultivate his own image on the internet. I have always been a huge fan of his solo work but I also tuned into his work on Polygon. This year he has given us all an especially special treat. He released 5 new parody songs for Halloween. They are all amazing and you should check them out!

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