Dev Log #6 – Riley Chiang – Catch Up

Last week’s task put me a bit behind schedule, so I tried to make up for lost time this week? Did I succeed? Sort of!

Version Issues

My next coding task was to implement two lines of tutorial dialogue that would occur at the end of combat, triggering when you first kill and first befriend an enemy. This meant diving back into the ORK framework, and after the grief it caused me last week, I was a little apprehensive. But overall the process went fairly smoothly. It took me a bit to figure out how exactly to tackle it all, but once I enacted my plan, everything fell into place fairly seamlessly.

A screenshot of my current code

However, there’s one particular issue that I encountered while trying to test it this time around. I should mention that I’m using my personal laptop to work on this project, which I also use for homework, video games, writing documents, editing pictures, and basically every other computer-related task I do. This means that storage space is pretty limited. And Monochrome is pretty dang big.

The big issue comes into play with asset bundles, which ironically have been implemented to lower the amount of space utilized. Hypothetically, once built, the bundles would likely do exactly that, but that is where the problem lies: the bundles need to be built. Every time I’ve attempted to activate the bundles, Unity would have an aneurism and fail spectacularly, sometimes even crashing the editor and forcing me to reopen it. After a few failed attempts in the past, I decided to put the issue on ice and continue focusing on my tasks instead. This wasn’t ever really a major hurdle until recently.

I believe brushing his teeth is the least of Otto’s problems

In the most recent update, a bunch of fun changes have been added. This included some updates to the menu, the implementation of a far more fitting font, and having the entire floor turned into an asset bundle, leaving my version of the floor as the horrifying twisted void you see above. Aside from being very unnerving to look at, it also has the side effect of making the game run like molasses. It has been suggested that I make a copy of the scene and reimplement the old floor there, but I can’t help but wonder if there’s a way for me to just have the asset bundles work. It’s kind of a hassle undoing all the updates every time I get a new version. For now, I’ll just make do with what I have.

Haha Funny Lizard

This is Marty. Marty is an iguana or lizard or something. Marty likes to smoke undisclosed herbs. He can see technicolor (not that anyone knows what that means).

It’s Marty

Next Week

With my current Unity task hopefully at the finish line, I’m looking forward to receiving new tasks that will hopefully go down without any more roadblocks! As for art, I don’t have much going on right now, so I suppose I’ll just polish up my skills for when I need them!

This Week’s Media: Pibby

Adult Swim’s Halloween short was absolutely bonkers. I’ve always been a big fan of crossovers (Super Smash Bros is my favorite game for a reason), but I did not expect anyone to try and attempt something like this. I think this exact idea has been in my head before, right down the the eerie corruption eating away at the world. I’m somewhat skeptical of this becoming a full series, but even if it just stays as a short little teaser, I’d be fine. Just the fact that they animated this is enough to satisfy me!

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