Finishing up the Website and Workbook

What's been going on

     For this past week, I have been working more on the workbook and have started to put final touches in the website after some feedback. 

     There has been some changes to the website since I lasted posted about it. The first noticeable change is probably the animations I added to some of the parts on the website. I was just fiddling around with WordPress and found some motion settings. I played around with it and I think I got some pretty nice outcomes. I tried not to overdo it so hopefully there’s a good balance. I then added in a newsletter subscription area which was very quick to add. Then I had to fix some issues with text readability on some parts. That was also a quick fix by adjusting the images and adding some features to make the text stand out more.

     After that, I had to format the website to look equally as nice on the mobile view. All the formatting was completely trash when I took a look at it in mobile view so I definitely had to fix it. Took a while to re-format some things but I think the final product looks really nice as well. Anyways, here’s what the final touches look like on the website:

As for the workbook, I’m still working on it bit by bit. The document is quite a hefty one so there’s definitely a lot of feedback I need on it and changing things accordingly. As of right now, I’m pretty close to finishing one of the bigger and main sections so it’s nearing the end. This came out a lot lot bigger than I had initially expected but I think it looks pretty nice both visually and functionally. 

     Finally I’m going to be doing some testing interviews, which I had mentioned last week. At this point in time, I’m just waiting on responses from the testers themselves as I had already sent out them emails last week. 

What's next

     What’s next? Well the workbook is definitely one of them. Another week of tackling at it. The website seems finished now but depending on feedback, I may or may not work more on it. Finally, I’m hoping to hear back on some of the testers for the interviews so that’s that.

This Week's Media


I swear this will be the last week I bring up any news about Arcane, I promise, but I just had to for this week because they just released the first 3 episodes this past Saturday. It was soooo good. And as big LoL nerd, I cannot express how much this makes me so happy. It not only shows the world the lore of LoL, but it quite literally shows the potential Riot has for producing more content like this in the future. Definitely massive props to Fortiche Productions, a french 3D Animation studio, for actually animating Arcane. I don’t think they get enough attention for doing the work since Riot does take the licensing on Arcane. They’ve worked with Riot in the past and has produced amazing things too so definitely check them out.

Worlds 2021 Opening Show

     Worlds Final was also this weekend, which means another year with high expectations on the opening ceremony for the finals. Since there was no live crowd this year, it felt different, but nonetheless, the production team went ham on this year’s show. Lot’s of great 3D work and real-time integration all throughout.  

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