Dev-Log #07 – Sean McLaughlin – Mostly Book Work

Continued Work on the Book

This week was pretty uneventful. I mostly just continued my regular routine. My Twitter jobs continued as planned. I did 200 follows a day. It’s getting a little more time consuming because the recommendations for following are becoming less and less relevant. I’m still doing pretty well though. There’ve been no real issues with any of my other Twitter tasks though. Still doing my 25 replies and 4 retweets as normal.

The book is coming along fine. Just today I set up my official font stylings for different headings and such. I also am finally getting ideas for some of the sections I was stuck on. One section in particular that I got through this week was the Art Book Cutscene section. I decided to go with a film strip idea which I thought fit the in-progress look pretty well.

I think one of the more annoying problems that I’m currently facing is the inspiration section. The text is a bit too long when I add character assets below it. I can’t take out the assets or the page will look boring. If I shorten the text, the book will be missing pertinent information. I think there are only two general solutions at this point. I’ll either have to widen the text box which may throw off some other aesthetics, or separate the page in to two pages which will make the text flow slightly less logical. I’ll have to do some tests to figure out which works better.

Next Week

Vince is gonna have me focus more on replies on Twitter next week. Other than that, I’m gonna be really pushing myself on the work for the book. My rough draft deadline is coming up soon. I’m close but I’m not quite there yet. I’ll definitely be done in time though.

Weekly Media

This week I just decided to share my new love of riichi mahjong. After watching a show called Akagi, which is about mahjong, I decided to give it a try. I’ve been using an app called Mahjong Soul, and coincidentally, they happened to be doing an Akagi promotion right around the time I downloaded it.

I also wanted to share a new song and music video by one of  my favorite bands, Bump of Chicken, called “Small world”.

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