Dev-log #7- Carolina Escobar- Midground Assets and Grayshade Valley Character Implementation

Beehive Asset Revision

Last week, I was sent one of the central assets for the story in Grayshade Valley and told to revise the lineart and color as I saw fit. I was given a hotel asset to reference in terms of line consistency and detail as well as being told to use my own work on the museum as a starting point. The Beehive in it’s unaltered state was sent to me like this:

While the design and craftsmanship are remarkable for a piece of this scale, there were some issues I noticed immediately. For starters, there was not enough variation in value and too many elements shared identical shades. The crates against the building are the same exact color as the hive itself, making it blend into the rest of the asset. There window/hole structures also have no shading, meaning they look very flat and don’t give the building a solid form. Another thing that I noticed now that I have been working with the other assets already present in unity is that the crates do not have consistent detailing with the others inside and outside Otto’s basement. With all of these in mind, the final revision ended up looking like this:

The stamp was sent to me by one of the artists as a sketch that I finished up in order to put on the honey pots.

More Character Implementation

For this week, I continued implementing characters for Grayshade Valley while also editing existing characters. Most character don’t have the entirety of their animations uploaded yet, so I made sure to check in consistently to get as much done as possible. The work was much of the same, but I began running into the consistent issue of images not abiding to the DXT5 rule, that being that the image much be divisible by 4.

While I haven’t directly tackled the issue before, I did consistently report whenever I came across it. Luckily, I was given a trouble-shooting resource to remedy this issue! Now I am able to quickly fix any sort of DXT5 formatting issue, even if it’s for characters I haven’t directly worked on before. 

Random Stuff

This is like the third time I’ve put Elden Ring gameplay into my dev-log but I really can’t help it. The network test results are almost here and more and more gameplay is being shown by the week. The revealed bosses and enemies are so cool and there are so many new mechanics not seen in any FromSoftware game ever. The spells look amazing and there’s crouching and stealth in the game. Still super hyped and I really hope I get approved for the network test. 

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