This Week

This week, I continues where I left off and made a breakthrough in terms of understanding the Unity animations and behavior designer. I was able to give the bottom Speaker enemy a PolyNav path, which allows for it to move across a small pattern in the basement. While the path I currently have the speaker on is only moving left to right, I now know what to expect (sort of) from Unity’s PolyNav system. 

Based on the size of the Speaker enemy, and the general area of what’s around them, I then tried to map out a specific path that they would be able to walk across in order to make sure that they don’t walk over any other objects in the scene and cause clipping. This is what I’ll focus on next week, as well as adding in some of the animations to make it appear like the Speaker is actually walking.

Plans for Next Week

My plans for the next week include working more on the behavior designer, and making the Speaker animations look much more natural. In addition, I plan to work on bug testing the new build of Monochrome and seeing what the newest version of the game looks like!

This Week's Media

This week’s piece of media is in a similar vein to what I showed last week, and it’s another analog horror series. This one is known as the Mandela Catalogue, and I haven’t seen too much about it. It was released earlier this year, and I only found it through recommendations on YouTube. I’ve only seen two videos from the channel, but already I’m intrigued to see where this goes and what happens next in this creepy story.

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