What is Project Down Beyond

This week I have been introduced to DVNC’s next game project called Down Beyond. The lead designer for this game is Brooke Elowe. Brooke has showed me multiple documents to help me understand the direction this game will be going. After reading through GDDs, here is what I have learned:

Down Beyond is a an upcoming casual action rpg. Upon starting the game, players will take a test to determine what animal they will play as, similar to this test: https://animalinyou.com/ (I got the Fox). These animals called, Astral Forms, are champions of the Purity, and will go on quests to explore the biomes of Earth and defeat the corruption. The corruption is full of corrupted animals that are full of hate and anger. Down Beyond will be produced in Pico-8 and will take artistic inspirations from retro 8-bit games like Legend of Zelda and Pokémon. The game has spiritual aspects and a traditional fight between good and evil.

The Legend of Zelda
The Demo of Pico-8

Heading Interviews

Last week I sent out emails to all the contacts I was assigned in Airtable. I had to layout available times, often having to do mental gymnastics with converting their time zone to mine. Every day since then, I have been checking for responses to the emails but so far I have gotten nothing back. I will be keeping my eye on these interviews for the future.

Organization Chart

This past week I have been making small edits on the company organization chart. Working in Canva can be therapeutic, but as someone who is used to Adobe products it can also be frustrating at times. Below is the updated organization chart. I imagine I will be making changes to this again.

What’s Next

My job for the next week is to rework some aspects of Down Beyond to fit into a different style of game while still keeping the essence of what makes the game special. This is all part of DVNC’s goal to expand into other titles besides just Monochrome. I am hoping that as my time commitments clear up I will be able to dedicate more time into developing these new titles.

My Small Plug for Worthikids

Worthikids is a cartoon/animation channel on Youtube that has creative new content that rises above the rest. The creator has made a small animated series called Bigtop Burger and does small reanimations of media. Each video is made with innovative animation, great creativity, and amazing comedic writing. Here are a few of my favorites, check them out!

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