Dev Log #08 – Nhut Do – New Projects

Workbook, PDB, and More!

What’s Been Going On

     The majority of this week was working on and putting in the final touches to a rough version of the DVNC workbook. It’s currently sitting at around 86 pages and will probably end up being beyond that. Most of the work was looking at documents that I was referencing and seeing how I was to put it down in a easy-to-read format that can be filled out. I wanted it to be as intuitive as possible so hopefully it turned out well. Now I’m just waiting on feedback on the workbook and will look to see how I move forward with the rest of it. 

     I also started looking into Project Down Beyond since I’m going to be writing a one page GDD for it. I haven’t actually started on creating the GDD yet, but I have read the material and have gotten familiar with the story and game. Then finally, I am still waiting on some responses for the RPG testing interviews, so if nothing comes by in the next couple days, I’ll be figuring that out with Brooke or Lilly.

What’s Next

     Since the majority of my work on the workbook has been mostly complete, I’ll be moving on the some new projects. First I’ll be working on the GDD for Project Down Beyond, which I had mentioned above. I will probably take a re-look at the material before getting on the GDD. 

     Next I’ll be doing some work on the DVNC website homepage. I’m going to be updating the website with new information and readjust what’s already there. I really enjoyed working on the website for Monochrome so this will be exciting.

This Week’s Media


     It’s actually not episode 1000 yet, but…. we’re still 1 week away from it. One Piece is currently at episode 999 and my god would I have ever imagined for it to come to this point. I’ve been watching One piece for nearly 8 years now. As a matter of fact, I’ve rewatched it earlier this year. It’s just unbelievable to see this story come this far. I will say, however, that ep 1000 probably won’t be as good as when the anime actually does reach chapter 1000, which will probably be a couple months from now, but I actually don’t know what they’re going to pull off so my expectations are still really high. Ep 1000 should be around chapter 990 so I’m still waiting on chapter 1000 to be adapted in the anime. So hyped for this.

Ruined King and Hextech Mayhem

     These 2 new games just released expanding on the LoL universe in some way or another. Really excited to play these, I’ve bought it and am now just going to find the time to play them. One is an RPG styled game and the other is a rhythm game so pretty exciting.

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