Redesigning Games

Last week I touched on my work with Project Down Below, a game concept made by Brooke Elowe and Ameya Vinayaraj. This past week I have used the game design documents made almost a year ago to retool a popular mobile game concept. Essentially I am combining elements of a quick mobile fighting game with the wholesome and spiritual aspects of Project Down Below. So far I have made a Canva document that lists the changes to be made and direction we want the game to go.

Overall I am excited to workshop this over the next few days once I get some feedback on it. I took so ideas from other successful games to provide a good base moving forward. Right now the idea is to have unique playable characters that face off in varying biomes for karma. This karma allows players to progress through the game into new biomes!

General DVNC Work

Besides for working on this GDD, I have been working on a KPI list and Gantt/Budget charts. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator and it is used in the game design industry to measure how well a game is doing. We use stats like social media followers, pre-orders, and funding to map out what we should change or keep about a product.

A Gantt chart is a fancy way to show the development of a game. The chart DVNC uses lays out the amount of time spent on an aspect of the games development and shows the cost of that stage of development. I have just started working on these and will be doing a chart for Monochrome as well as Down Below.

What’s Next

I will be working more on the budget gantt charts this week. Once I get more feedback from the rest of DVNC, I will also be adding onto my concept for Down Below. I am excited for the work ahead. It is really refreshing to be working on game design. One of my favorite things about my work here at DVNC is the knowledge I am gaining within the game business.

Eternals is… A Movie

This week I went to see Eternals with some friends. I sat down with my popcorn, my ICEE, and no expectations. I had heard bad reviews so I didn’t know what to expect. Overall, the movie was alright. It was better than some Marvel movies but still lacking anything to really get me invested as a viewer. I found myself wanting the movie to end once it crept up on the two hour mark. I found a lot of the world building to be unique and interesting but also jarring. This is a nice movie to go see if you just want to get out of the house but otherwise, save your money for Dune 😛

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