Rough Draft Almost Done

This week, I don’t plan to touch on much besides the book, but I’ll do a quick review of my other work. My Twitter work was pretty normal. Just trying to maintain the presence of DVNC and going back and forth between following and unfollowing in order to maintain the Twitter follower ratio. Vince also had me start up a give away this week. However, I misinterpreted it as a give away of Monochrome as opposed to a give away of a recent indie game. Long story short, I had to redo it. Hopefully I did it right this time.

In terms of the book, I tackled some problematic sections this week. Although I have yet to find a great solution to some of my problems from last week, I was able to solve my factions section problem. I decided to juxtapose the similar shapes of strike signs to the shapes of sky scrappers. If that doesn’t make sense, I think the pictures will explain it better. I pretty much have decided to use buildings and protest signs to lay out the text and images of the ruling and working classes, respectively. It’s still a little rough and undefined, but it works for now.

I also found a solution for my item page(s) problem. I just didn’t really have a solid layout for it in the past (I’ve included my old ideas as the first image). However, although cliche, I decided it looked better to lay the items and text out on “shelves”. It’s again, still very rough but I think it’s still a logical solution and gives the eyes a break from some of the more complex layouts, while still remaining visually interesting and appealing. 

Next Week

This upcoming week, I’ll really be pushing myself to finish the rough draft. I should have plenty of time. If need be, I’ll ask Vince if I can take a few days break on marketing to give myself more time. I think I’ll start by laying out my locations idea which is to pretty much put the information on 1920s style signs (theatre signs, speak easy signs, etc.).

Weekly Media

Two things I want to talk about this week. First off, this past Sunday was the anniversary of the death of Unus Annus. For those who don’t know, Unus Annus was a Youtube channel dedicated to making one video every day for an entire year and at the end, the entire channel would be deleted. The point being, to value your experiences and to make the most of your time on Earth. This past Sunday was a year after the creators deleted it and they made videos dedicated to it which remotivated me to do more with my life.

I also went to a Flyers game last night which was super fun and I got to see them win which is always good. So here’s a highlight video.

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