Dev Log #8 – Riley Chiang – Small Jobs

Since finishing up my work last week with a few tweaks and fixes, I’ve been able to take it a bit easier with smaller jobs so far!

Taking Odd Jobs

After putting the finishing touches on my work last week, I was assigned to take care of a few smaller issues. These pesky bugs hindered play in minor ways and weren’t really big enough to be assigned in full, such as adding in missing character portraits or reorienting a character during a cutscene. Because these issues are so small and quick to fix, there isn’t too much depth I can go into when it comes to talking about them.

As an example, to fix a missing portrait in a dialogue, I went into the dialogue and added the portrait back in. Not the most complex problem, but after the hassle of tasks past, I don’t mind a less hectic week.

Newly added character portraits, coming to a dialogue box near you!

Next Week

I am currently on a queue for cutscene art! I anticipate being assigned a task pertaining to drawing or coloring game cutscenes in the near future. Aside from that, there’s probably going to be some sort of big task coming my way once I finish all these small programming assignments, so I’ll brace myself for that.

This Week’s Media: Pokemon BDSP

The newest Pokemon remake is here! I’ve heard it had a bit of a rocky launch, something about a day one patch and filler music or something, and it certainly wouldn’t be the first time Game Freak did something lazy with their mainline games. But despite this, I choose to have benefit of the doubt; after all, Gen 4 was my first foray into Pokemon. Besides, I still have very high hopes for Legends Arceus!

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