Dev-Log #09 – Sean McLaughlin – Second Pass on Book

Starting Book Revisions

Just to get it out of the way immediately, my Twitter marketing work continued as usual over the past week. We had a week-long break for Thanksgiving but other than that, it was business as usual.

Over the last week, I was able to both finish up the draft and begin my second pass on the RPG Book. The last few pages of the book right now are probably the roughest but they’ll sort themselves out when I make my second pass over them. 

As I started my book revisions, I decided to try to be as monotonous as possible. That is to say, trying to go through from the first page to the last without skipping any and “coming back” to them. I’m not extremely far into my revisions yet, but the pages that are done have been improved significantly. I gave the Table of Contents a more solidified structure to start. It’s clean and justified now. I also decided to give the opening pages a more visually interesting border as well as organize the text and characters more neatly. My current efforts are being put toward the location pages and updating the graphics to be more finalized. 

Next Week

Next week will mostly be focused on continuing to edit the book and update to make it print ready.

Weekly Media

As of writing this, the new season of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is airing tomorrow on Netflix so I’m super excited to watch that. So here’s the trailer for the new season and a funny clip compilation of the old seasons.

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