Bruiser and Harry Perry Implementation

This week started off with the usual character implementations, except this time, I was given more avenues for troubleshooting. For the most part, I had been finding all of the animations from Basecamp or Airtable, meaning if I couldn’t find the right elements there, I often would be out of luck unless someone sent me the files personally. Now, I have access to the progress folders in the Drive so that if anything is out of date on Airtable, I can update it where needed! However, everything is generally on Airtable and I only ran into problems with Bruiser and Harry Perry, incidentally. 

Besides having access to new avenues for implementation, the work was pretty standard compared to other implementation endeavors. For the coming weeks, I don’t think character implementation will be as much as a focus until more work is completed, but I can’t wait to see more animations finished and added to the game. 

Texture Work for the Atlas

Since working on the Blender Donut Tutorial from a few weeks ago, I haven’t had very many experiences of working with 3D yet. This week, I’m making the transition from 2D to 3D by beginning work on modular textures for buildings and miscellaneous objects! The whole point is to create textures that tile than can easily be used to construct buildings and objects quickly to flesh out the work of battle scenes in the various towns in the game. I was a bit nervous at first, as I had only had one prior experience with modular kits and the list of items looked a little daunting, but I think I pulled through okay. 

The list of objects I was to create included columns, archways, a variety of doors, cornices, various bricks, wooden beams, crates, and trashcans. With this list, I was expected to look at references and adhere to the overall style of the game as well. Overall, this was a really cool experience, especially when working with tiling textures and various design influences. I hope to get more work of this variety in the future, as it’s a good excuse to design a bunch of objects I wouldn’t otherwise observe. 

Future Work

Exciting things are on the horizon, including more 3D-modeling and beginning work on another game on top of Monochrome! I’ll most likely be doing another tutorial or some sort of test to gauge my skills in Blender, and I’m super excited. Even though Blender is still super daunting and intimidating, I can’t wait to play around in it some more. In addition, I was given a quick debrief of another game called “Snake”. Though it’s not cut-and-dry yet, there’s a possibility I will be able to do concept art and Style Tiles. Nice. 

Random Media

After six years, a new glitch was discovered in Bloodborne! Essentially, this allows the player to use a powerful firearm that is otherwise only possible to use once or twice INFINITELY. As someone who has been observing the speedrunning scene and has contemplated joining it, this discovery when perfected will shave minutes off the all bosses categories and maybe even the any percent category. I can’t wait to try this glitch out the next chance I get. 

I’ve also recently purchased Clip Studio Paint because… Adobe and so far, really like the interface and software! I’ve found a bunch of really handy tutorials and basics and can’t wait to become a master of CSP.

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