This Week

Before the Thanksgiving break, I continued my progress from last week of working on the animations for the Speaker enemy. Unfortunately I ran into a bug where the Speaker sometimes does not perform its animations, and I am currently working to figure out why this happens. From my testing, the Speaker will sometimes move along its preset path, but will be a static sprite. I believe that this is an issue that is caused by something in the animator, and is something that I am working slowly, but surely to figure out. As I am not super familiar with Unity’s animator system or the Poly-Nav system, this has definitely been a tough learning experience. However, I feel as if I have not run into an unsolvable bug which is always a good thing. It’s now my goal to work on finding a solution for this bug before I move onto anything else.

Plans for Next Week

Throughout the next week, I plan to continue my progress right where I left off before the Thanksgiving break and also move on to another task. Daye had mentioned something about the UI in the newer version of the game, and I’m interested to see what that task will entail.

This Week's Media

This week’s piece of media is the new Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes! I’ve been excited for these games for a long time and I have to say they really didn’t disappoint. Although there are definitely some things that aren’t what I expected, in terms of the Poketch and the Exp. Share, I’m enjoying playing the games overall. While Pokémon Emerald version was my first game in the series, I definitely have the most memories of playing Platinum version throughout elementary school with all my friends. As of writing, I’m only on the 5th gym, but I heard online that the Elite Four and Champion Cynthia are harder than they were in the original games… so thank goodness for fairy types!

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