Pre-Thanksgiving Work

Before the break, I was working on budget materials for multiple new projects that DVNC wants to work on. I first was working on a KPI list for DVNC but right before break I was able to touch on my next task by working on the Gantt Charts.

The Gantt chart is a way to show a games development with its budget attached. With the different projects such as Snak3 and Project Down Beyond, it is important to layout a plan for development. The Gantt chart right now has a few key aspects.

The first iteration of the PDB Gantt

Firstly there are the sprints on the top row. These sprints are two weeks long and help with dividing up work and visualizing due dates. As you can see, some assignments like “Coldwater Lake” can span over multiple sprints but still the cost is broken up by these sprints.

Next are the costs. Each task and sprint has a specific cost assigned to it. These funds go towards hiring outside help, paying existing salaries, and for software. Usually in a budget there is some wiggle room but each sprint should follow its budget as closely as possible.

Then there are the subcategories. These are a breakdown of the different teams that will be working on a project like artists, marketers, and developers. In this specific project, the developers are getting much more money since this is a prototype. For projects closer to release, more money is going towards testing and marketing.

Finally there are the individual tasks. These can be rather hard to anticipate months in advance but are crucial in accurately laying out a proper budget.

What’s Next

Once I finish updating the budget gantts, I will be working on the next big project with Nhut! We will be making a GDD for a game called Snak3. This project will be a great way for me to dive further into game design and Unity in the future. Right now, there is a 2.5D simple prototype which Nhut and I have to further develop. I am super excited to get my hands on some more creative work!

Jumping Into the Metaverse

Recently I have been seeing this ad everywhere, and every time that it comes on my eyes are glued to the screen. I love the music, the cinematography, and the world inside the art. But what is the message behind it all? Everyone on the internet seems to have their opinions on it from artists saying this is the savior we needed to nihilists saying this is the beginning of the end. I am curious to see where Meta goes and until I know I will be jamming out to this amazing ad.

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