Tackling New Projects

What's been going on

Since it’s been a week since break, I’m trying to remember from memory of what was done so here’s the rundown.

Throughout the week, I’ve been tackling at the new projects I have got. For Project Down Beyond, I have finished a one page GDD and made it look quite nice too. There was a lot of information and I wanted to make it look as nice as possible while also not make it too hard on the eyes. I think I got down a good overall design and look as well as got in the right information.

I have also been tasked to work on the DVNC website. Not much as been worked on it. I’ve just been getting in rough designs and layout for the time being. Other than that, I’ll be waiting on more feedback on the workbook and GDD for the time being and will see where I’ll be heading with that.

In addition, I have played through a couple more of the Monochrome RPG and gotten some recorded gameplay for Lilly.

What's Next

Vince had broken down what is in store for me for the next couple of weeks/months. I’ll be continuing work on the RPG website, DVNC website, workbook, and will be diving into Snake3 Design and PDB design. Really excited for what’s next. There seems to be a lot in store for the upcoming months so looking forward to it.

In addition, I also think I’ll be undergoing about 1-2 interviews a week for the RPG according to Brooke so there’s that to look forward too.

This Week's Media:


I don’t there’s much to say here. It speaks for itself..

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