Dev Log #9 – Riley Chiang – Hidden Troubles

This week’s tasks were a bit tricky to figure out, as most tackled bugs that were inconsistent or difficult to pull of during playtesting. Here’s how it all went!

The Jobs

My first job this week dealt with the battle system and status effects. Apparently, the player had trouble befriending an enemy when saddened. In order to test this bug, I needed to first find a way to inflict the sad status condition in battle. I opted for using items after some delegation, and from that point I just tried to befriend the enemy as normal. But no matter how many times I tested it, the bug would not occur. I ended up concluding that this “bug” was actually the player misattributing their bad joke timing to a fault in the game’s code, and moved on.

The next job I’m working on is a simple task. When the player returns to the main menu, the quest menu would still remain. This is obviously unintended, so it was up to me to fix it. I added a temporary button in the game that would allow me to go straight from the game scene to the main menu without having to play through the entire build so I could get a bead on the issue. Sure enough, it worked like a charm. The only thing left to do is add in a new script that will hide the quest log when the main menu scene first loads. Easy!

Next Week

I anticipate a job pertaining to cutscenes rather soon, both in terms of art and coding. Apparently, there is some sort of bug that causes a character to randomly moonwalk in the cutscenes sometimes, but that’s mostly due to some unresolved sprite sheet stuff I can’t really do anything about. Once it’s fixed, I’ll probably be put on the job to make sure it doesn’t break again.

This Week’s Media: Arcane

I’ve been hearing about this show more and more frequently, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little curious. League of Legends isn’t my type of game, and intense and serious action shows aren’t really my style either, but from what I hear from my friends and family, this show is amazing. I wouldn’t doubt it; that animation is unreasonably good in my opinion.

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