Dev Log #10 – Nhut Do – Starting Snake3 Design Work

What’s Been Going On

     Got introduced to some pretty exciting things this past week. First thing is that I have officially started work on a new game project: Snak3. Vince had showed us the concept and rough workings of the game, and it looks really fun and I was actually super exciting to see it go through. I am going to be working alongside Ethan throughout most of this development.

     So first thing we were tasked to do was to create a list of game features for Snak3. We came together and started brainstorming some fun and interesting features such as Items, Level Interactables, Followers, Enemies, and NPCs. We spent a good amount of time thinking of the different types of followers there were going to be and how they were present through the different types of worlds we had came up with. It’s all definitely still rough and still in the workings.

      Next on the list was my continuation on updating the main DVNC home page. Here’s just a quick rough look at what it currently looks like. I’m not quite sure if I’m going to be sticking to what I have just yet, definitely still exploring different layouts and styles. There’s still a bit left to do but as of right now, this has been pushed down in the work priority list. Still exciting to see this finished.

     Lastly, I have been tasked to do some Monochrome Interviews. I’ve sent out emails for scheduling and am now waiting on responses. I am also going to be working in Unity pretty soon so I have been doing some homework on learning the program for Snak3. Really excited for this.

What’s Next

     For this upcoming week, I’ll be continuing my work on the DVNC website, though it will be on the low priority list. My top priority as of right now is Snak3 design work. Vince had showed us a little more refined version of the gameplay. The next task is to create a document functionally explaining the first 10 levels of Snak3 with the current active features available. Only other little work is to do some reading and homework with learning Unity for the upcoming weeks.

This Week’s Media:

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

     This was some extremely great news to find out on my birthday this past Saturday. I’m pretty excited for Spider-Man: No Way Home. The trailers for that look amazing. However, this has got me so excited. The first spider-verse movie was incredibly jaw-dropping for me so hopefully this movie lives up the expectations or fingers-crossed, blows the first one out of the way. The animation style is just so unique and fun to watch.

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