Dev-Log #10-Carolina Escobar-Texture Packing and 3-D Modeling

Texture Packing

Last week, I finished up some texture work that was assigned to me in order to quickly generate 3-demensional structures in a short amount of time. There were many items for me to make and i started off by having every texture mostly separated from the others or grouped with similar structures. However, in order to handily package them and make them easier for use, I finally got some firsthand experience with texture packer. Essentially, it allows for multiple images/sprites/textures to be imported and then compiled cleanly and exported in the desired format. Because all of my images, especially the textures meant for smaller objects, tended to be separate from one another, this really helped organize things.

It was a good way to start my week and wrap up a project I am personally very proud of. I’m very happy with the end result and hope it’s of use in the end project. While drawing the textures isn’t anything new, practicing with tiling textures and different materials was super fun and I hope that more work like this comes down the pipeline.

3-D Tutorial- Modeling a Chair

Before this tutorial, my only other experience with creating 3-D models in Blender was the donut model. However, the Donut was extremely open-ended and allowed for things to be tweaked and edited according to one’s preference. Other than that, I still had no experience modeling from reference, so I was told to follow this tutorial guide on building a designer chair from the ground up. 

The tutorial introduced many important and useful techniques for modeling from reference and I’m very grateful to have done it before being an assigned a model of my own. Over all, the video on top of the previous donut tutorial has really built my confidence in Blender and 3-D modeling as a whole. I’m really excited to start modeling from my own designs. 

Upcoming Work

Next week, I will be starting design work for the new project, Snak3. My task for next week is to design a style tile template and then use that template for Snak3. So far, the references and gameplay I have seen so far look super cool and I hope I’m able to capture the core and feel of the game with the design layout. In addition, I will be starting the design and final 3-D model for a wardrobe! I will be drawing the orthographic views of the wardrobe and modeling from those designs. It’s a pretty big step up from the work from previous weeks, and while slightly scary, I’m super excited to tackle it. 


Into the Spider-Verse is one of my favorite movies ever and it’s getting a sequel?? This first-look trailer dropped on my birthday and honestly, it was definitely one of the best presents I could receive! The unique animation style and premise remains from the first movie so honestly, that’s enough for me to order my tickets well in advance. The clear amount of passion and dedication put into the first movie makes me even more happy that this is a “part one,” meaning even more movies are on the horizon.  

Speaking of birthday presents, I got Dark Souls: Remastered as a present from my boyfriend. I forgot how brutal this game could be, but honestly, I welcome the challenge! It’s always a good omen when you get the Mask of the Father on your first try, and I’ll be sure to grind this game to oblivion once finals are over!

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