Snak3 Marketing & The Book Continues

This week, the DVNC Twitter Marketing remained relatively stable once again. I also did the drawing from the giveaway I mentioned the other week, so now that’s officially wrapped up. Vince also assigned me a new marketing job this week. With the initial planning for Snak3 beginning, Vince wanted me to create a marketing plan template that could be used for Snak3, or any other future game. I don’t know much about marketing plans, but I did read an article on them and I think I have a rough idea of what should be included. I’m still fleshing out the details, but I have a working spreadsheet as of now. This is just a part of it.

In terms of the RPG Book, I’m still slowly working my way through it. I got through the location pages and am currently working on the updating of the society pages. I mostly focused on making the buildings and signs more cartoony, but I’ve also decided to add a background of sorts to add some more visual interest. The Ruling Class page will have the sun and sky behind it, while the Working Class page will have a sort of overpass/archway. I think it’ll further add to the contrast between the two pages.

Next Week

Next week I’m going to finalize my marketing plan’s first draft and then just continued to work on the book. I should have the Ruling and Working Class pages finished by then at the very least.

Weekly Media

This week’s media is the teaser for Across the Spider-Verse. Of course I love the animation because, well who doesn’t. But it also has 2099 Spider-Man who’s fascinated me for the longest time. So I’m excited to see him in a movie.

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