This Week

For the couple days of the week, I attempted to try and fix the bug that was plaguing the Speaker’s movement. I was discussing the issue with Daye when the play function was taking too long to load. I decided to close and reopen the Unity project, and things went south since that point. After reopening, I noticed that something didn’t seem right with my project. I was missing a good chunk of progress from my project, and noticed that the Poly-Nav path for the Speaker wasn’t even in the scene.

I had always made sure to save throughout the days of working to ensure that my changes would always be recognized in the project. After some poking around, it turned out that SourceTree hadn’t even recognized any of my changes to the project. Daye and I were stumped so we attempted to make a quick change in the scene to see if that would register, but for whatever reason it didn’t. This meant that my last couple weeks of progress was erased.

After pushing the changes I had and re-merging from the test/alpha branch, I was able to get the most recent build of the game. In my older version I didn’t have the Speaker prefab files shown in the image, but these will definitely help me going forward. Hopefully there will not be any problems going forward, but I am definitely going to make myself a little crazy with how often I’m going to be checking SourceTree.

Plans for Next Week

My plans for the next week are to start over the Poly-Nav system, slightly disheartened but determined to complete it even better than before. I definitely feel as if I learned a lot from my original progress, however.

This Week's Media

This week’s media has to do with my favorite soccer team, Liverpool F.C., winning their 6th and final game out of 6 in the UEFA Champions League group stage! The game was played last night in Milan and after going 1-0 down in the 28th minute, Liverpool managed to overturn the result and win the game 2-1! This was a great win because not only does Liverpool enter the knockout stage of the competition with a 100% winning record, but they did it with many of their best players being rested on the bench! A great win against a tough opponent!

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