Starting SNAK3

Over this past weekend and into Tuesday, Nhut and I have been working with Vince to flesh out designs for his new game SNAK3. So far the prototype has the player gathering followers to form the traditional “Snake” body. While the player gathers these followers, they must avoid obstacles and enemies to get the followers to the goal safely. Both the followers and the player has a health bar, if the player runs out of health it is game over. The assets for the prototype are from a template for right now just to model the idea.

Nhut and I have made two documents to record progress and ideas for SNAK3. The first was just a list of ideas on where we could go with this game in the future. It was fun coming up with cool ideas like differing map sections and enemies.

The next document was a more formal layout of the progression of the first ten levels of the game. We spaced out when the different mechanics were introduced so that new players will be able to gradually learn these mechanics. This is fairly common amongst all games.

What’s Next

I will be continuing my work with both SNAK3 and budgeting documentation going into the rest of December. On the side, I will also be scheduling and conducting more interviews for Monochrome playtesting. It will be tricky balancing these tasks but I am still excited to be working on so much.

Minecraft 1.18: Bringing Back Nostalgia

The second and better half of the caves and cliffs update for Minecraft came out on November 30th. Since then, I have been glued to the game. It feels so good to be playing with old friends once again. I first starting playing Minecraft back in 2012 when I was in 5th grade and the world was simple. I would rush home after school and play Minecraft on my Mom’s tablet or on our household desktop. It amazes me how much the game has grown since those humble beginnings. The player base has stayed strong over all these years thanks to the free updates being released annually and the timelessness of the game. Bless these artists for their craft.

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