Dev-Log # 11- Carolina Escobar- Style Tile and Wardrobe Work

Style Tile Beginning

Last week, I was briefed on a new game project called Snak3, and have been told the plot summary as well as shown the aesthetic inspirations for the project. Because the project is still mostly in the planning and construction phases, I was tasked with designing a centralized place where all of the references, descriptions, and branding resources can be placed. The Style Tile is a convenient way to put all of the relevant resources and information for the game, such as references, prototypes, and descriptions for items/characters. While I’m mostly new to designing templates, I wanted to keep all of these things in mind in order to create a comprehensive template that anyone can easily expand upon. It took me a few tries and the first draft was not great. 

Essentially, the size of the image does not lend itself to easily place resources or expand on certain areas. While this page only focuses on branding, it’s important to have a lot of elaboration and guidelines here. While this is an early iteration, it does contain all of the necessary subsections, it only just needs some polish. I will be continuing work on the style tile for Snak3 into the next week. 

Wardrobe 3-D Model Beginning

In order to take the next steps with 3-D modeling, I began working on my own model to sculpt from scratch. There will be no YouTube tutorial nor a reference image pack I can work off of created by someone else. I will be making everything my self, including operational doors to the wardrobe that open and reveal hanging clothes and other contents. The first steps were to create a comprehensive blueprint to model off of, so I decided to create a classic, older-styled wardrobe based off of references from google. Here are the results. 

So far, I haven’t actually started working on the model. I had to make revisions to the initial blueprints and add the versions with the open door. Overall, I’m really excited about continuing work on this model and tackling this task head-on. 

Up Next

Next week, I will continue refining the Style tile and beginning work on the actual 3-D model for the wardrobe. There might be some more work as well, but for the meantime, next week will just be a continuation and refinement of this week. 


This week at the game awards, the show was wrapped up with a reveal of the official story trailer for Elden Ring! Honestly, this reveal stole the show for me and I thought it was an amazing way to wrap up a great event. The animation is beautiful, the designs and world look incredible and rich, and honestly, I don’t expect any less from Miyazaki and his team. I can’t believe this game is only 2 months away from releasing and I will be purchasing it day one. 

One of my favorite cookies is finally in Cookie Run Kingdom! She was already announced and shown a few weeks ago, but she finally dropped in game. I’m so happy I got her day 1 and I can’t wait to build her for my team. 

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