Dev-Log #11 – Nhut Do – Tackling Snak3 Workbook, Website, and Interviews

What’s Been Going On

This past week, I have been a little busy with a few things but was able to put in some work out. My top priority for work was the Snak3 Workbook, which is going to be a more refined – or specific – version of the DVNC workbook that I had been working on for a while. Vince had given me a long list of things that needs to be updated for this workbook. It’s about 3 1/2 pages worth of needed updates so I’m slowly etching away at it. It is a mixture of  taking work I had done in the DVNC workbook and re-working it to a better design, and creating new pieces specifically for this.

Couple of things I had tackled so far have been the “Indie Game Developer Personal Development” page, which was just an introductory page talking about important factors to keep in mind, such as personal development, friends/family, career, & work/life balance, when developing games. I really enjoyed writing this – it was quite introspective and worth the thought.

Then I went on to tackle a bunch of other needed-to-be-updated tasks which was a lot more fill-in type pages.

As for the DVNC website, I had set aside a little bit of time to work on it as much as I can without resourcing too much into it. My top priority as of last week and this week is the Snak3 workbook. I had only worked on the website whenever I had some spare time left or needed a change of space. Anyways, for the website last week, I played around with a couple designs for a bit and am still figuring out what would work best. A big add-on is the addition of blogposts on the main page. I definitely think it adds to it. Designs definitely still WIP.

Then finally for this past week, I had gotten to do some Monochrome RPG playtest interviews. I had done one Saturday evening, today early afternoon, and will do one tomorrow evening. I’ve never done this type of thing before, being on the interviewee side but it was pretty enjoyable nonetheless. 

What’s Next

As I had mentioned somewhere above, my top priority for the rest of this week is 99% focus on the Snak3 workbook. I’ll be getting as much done with it as possible before the Christmas break starting next week. The other 1% is of course the interview I have scheduled for tomorrow. 

This Week’s Media

Game Awards Game of the Year – IT TAKES TWO

Really excited to see It Takes Two win Game of the Year. I cannot stress how well this game was developed. It’s an incredibly fun and exciting game all throughout with extremely smooth platforming.

As for for the Matrix demo on Unreal Engine 5.. it is literally unreal. The level of detail able to be rendered at such high performance with their new engine is insane. Sucks I don’t have a PS5 to experience this but damn am I excited for where this takes off. Not only does this look fantastic for games in the near future, it is also incredibly powerful for filming in real-time for films, cinematics, and so much more. I cannot wait to see what becomes of this. This was unimaginable 10 or so years ago and technology then seemed so advanced.

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