I was assigned a pretty large job this time around, and due to my supervisor having several meetings this week, I had lest outside help than usual. Definitely tough, but no doubt doable!

Augmenting Animations

My task this week was to edit and add animations for the ally version of several in-game enemies. It consisted of three major phases, so to speak. Part one was to create copies of existing animators and reassign the transitions within them. Part two deals with the OrkFramework side of animations, editing events to make sure everything plays out nicely. Part three deals mostly in sprite-flipping.

Due to having less backup and taking on a larger job, I decided to focus my efforts solely towards part one. OrkFramework has proven rather pesky even with help on demand, and the sprites may need to be re-centered before I can do things like flipping or rotations.

Animators and Animations

After locating the folder where the files are contained, the first step was to make copies of all the animators and alter the transitions within. Animating in Unity can be a little odd, and I’ve personally had limited experience with it in the past. Putting it simply, any given animated object contains an animator, which manages several animation states. This allows different clips to flow into each other through simple boolean statements that are easily changed through code. Animation clips themselves are composed in a timeline, and may contain numerous aspects that change, such as hitbox sizes or the objects transform values. This time around, the animations were kept simple with nothing more than sprites.

As a side part of my task, I was also assigned to create new looping animations from the animations provided. Looping animations are exactly what they sound like; an animation cycle that can be repeated endlessly seamlessly. Since it was simply excising a portion of previously existing animations, all I needed to do was have a keen eye to see where exactly the loop needed to end. Unity made this a little difficult; I had to make a stand-in object in one of the game scenes in order to be able to preview the animation. Aside from those small road bumps, however, everything progressed smoothly.

Next Week

My work on part two starts today! I will likely end up messaging my supervisor for more details on what exactly must be done, but considering how well things have gone thus far, I am feeling rather confident.

This Week’s Media: Pokemon Legends Arceus

Another Legends Arceus trailer dropped today, this time featuring some of the human characters that will be featured in-game! When it comes to the Pokemon franchise, character design has always been the aspect of it that drew me in the most. Both the Pokemon and human characters always have cool design inspirations and ideas behind them, so much so that I can often overlook the shortcomings of the games just because of how much I like the characters.

I’m a huge fan of these ancestral versions of some of Sinnoh’s most important characters. The DP remakes didn’t give us snazzy redesigns like all the other remakes did unfortunately, but I’m willing to take the effort going into this game as compensation.

Also, I love Hisuian Voltorb. Definitely going to add him to my team.

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