Working on the Document

This past week I spent my time working on a user flow document for DVNC’s new game SNAK3. This document serves as a walkthrough of what a player would see in the game. I was tasked with creating this document as a placeholder for later implementation so many of the elements within the document are generic. After showing my work to Vince, there are a few upgrades that I still need to make to the document. For now, I will show you what I’ve got.

This is my design for the title screen, this screen is fairly standard.

This is the level select screen that would appear after hitting play. The green squares will be images of the levels. When a level isn’t unlocked yet, it will have a grayed out effect like you can see with level 9 and 10. Clicking on the images of the levels will take players to that level.

Once players are in a level, they will be tasked with completing the level (of course). The goal of the levels is to guide the Followers to safety. If the player doesn’t save any of the followers or if the character dies, the player will end up failing the level. This screen will pop up on the left with a few options for the player to take.

If a player is to successfully guide at least one of the followers to safety they will see this screen instead. Their success will be measured by how fast they completed the level, the amount of followers saved, and the health of all followers and the player. Then the same options would be provided to the player as if they had failed. The next level on the level select screen will be available.

There are a few more slides that are not polished enough for me to show off. I have enjoyed working on all the different documentation that DVNC needs. I will be updating this as I head into next week along with some other documents for SNAK3.

DVNC Side Quests

While working on this document I have continued my process for conducting Monochrome interviews. I have one scheduled for Thursday and one for Friday. I have also been working on the Budget Gantt bit by bit so that we can use it in December.

We are all heading into winter break soon so I will be wrapping up these tasks soon. I am super excited for what awaits me on the other side of break. SNAK3 is coming along and the concepts are really enticing.

Return of Cuphead

The long awaited DLC for Cuphead was just announced. I really enjoyed playing the first game and I had no idea they were releasing more content. I will probably not be purchasing this new content but I still think that the timeline of Cuphead’s creation is an interesting case study in quality over quantity. Rather than cash out on the hype that the first game generated, the creators took their time and crafted the game with care. It seems that the fans are happy with this and I expect many sales of this new content.

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