Dev-log #12- Carolina Escobar- Style Tile Template Completion

Refinement of the Style Tile

I started working on this the week before but still had some places where I needed to fix the template. There wasn’t many places where the template could be expanded nor was there enough room for images or any other resources for the team to use. I took all of the criticism and advice given to me and got to work on fixing it, starting off with the sizing. I had initially gone with a landscape ratio for the document, assuming that it would be treated more like a PowerPoint than an extensive written work. This caused problems in terms of formatting each page as well as the persistent issue of spacing, so a lot of aspects were immediately improved when this was remedied.

Original (24 x 18)
Final (24 x 32)

Most of the changes resulted from me needing to rearrange different elements on account that the sizing changes opened up a lot more space. The images above show I how I took advantage of the additional room, but the main areas and sections remain the same. Overall, I’m really proud of how the template turned out, and while not perfect, I believe it can be a great starting point for the documentation of many projects. While the team and myself will soon be adding elements specific to snake, the template is open end enough so that with a few adjustments, it can be used for any Style Tile.

Snak3 Level Block-in Exercise

While I’m still getting adjusted to working in Blender, I got another opportunity to play around in the program. My task for this week was to create the background of a level for Snak3. The goal was to utilize a reference image from nature and trying to capture as many layers to the landscape. I chose to work off of a reference image of a waterfall, in order to capture a variety of shapes and sizes to create interest. 

I liked the shapes of the rocks and the interest created by the felled tree. The flow of this photo and the framing created by the foliage is all really nice, so I wanted to capture everything to the best of my ability in the Blender Block-in. I have mixed feelings about the results.

It’s a bit rough around the edges and needs to be a bit more organic. I think I captured most of the big landmarks, but overall, it’s far from perfect. It’s serviceable and I feel a good first attempt, but I will definitely rework/redo it when given the opportunity. 

Up Next/Next Year

This week, I have been told that I will hopefully being doing concept art in the very near future! Personally, concept art for characters and creatures is one of my favorite places to work with 2-D art and I’m so excited to begin this process with Snak3. It really is a huge honor to be able to put myself and my ideas into these characters and I can’t wait to see their designs fleshed out by others. So far, I have been given a few documents as reference and very simple premises for each character. 

In addition, I will be refining the Snak3 User Flow document and updating it with the envisioned style and tone of the game. This will also include finally adding elements to the style tile, which has been a very long time coming. I’m super pumped for when I resume work after break.


While I’m already pretty late to the party, I will be watching Spider-Man: No Way Home with my family next week. I’ve managed to avoid spoilers thus far, and luckily none of my friends have given me too many hints to what will happen. I’m really looking forward to this movie, as I keep hearing how good it is and how a perfect finish to the trilogy is was.  

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