What's Been Going On

     Before heading into Christmas Break, I had spent the majority of my time solely working on the Snak3 Workbook. Nothing much has really been going on other than chipping away at the updates for the document.

     I have taken documents that I had made for the DVNC workbook a while ago and implemented them into a more organized and outlined system for Snak3. The bulk of the updating is primarily in the Pre-production phase of the workbook. The section is outlined in the following: Purpose, Design, Writing, Art, Programming, Music, and Testing. And of course, each of those headers have their own respective documents. For instance, the 1 and 5 page GDDs fall under Design, story outline and summary fall under Writing, and Tiles go under Art. As of right now, the pre-production phase is about 95% I’d say, but it is in a state where I can go ahead and fill things in.

     For the production phase, it is split up into 6 sections as of right now. They are Production: Publisher Showcase, Gamer Demo (Kickstarter), Alpha, Beta, Pre-Release, and Release. I have about a quarter to half of the Publisher Showcase section done. There’s a lot more work I’m going to have to put into that to figure out how the document should be filled in and what boxes go where. 

     The image on the right just shows a portion of the current outline or table of contents of the document. It’s not final yet but this workbook is panning up to be 200+ pages.

What's Next

      Just like before Christmas break, my focus right now is 100% on the Snak3 Workbook. Later this week, I’ll be switching over from working on the document to actually filling out the workbook with content for Snak3. Hopefully this document will set out to do what it was made to do. Everything should cohesive and all together in a single document. I’m excited to see this go through.

This Week's Media

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Trailer

Trailer for the final part of Attack on Titan came out and it looks incredible. I am so excited to see the rest of the season get animated again by MAPPA studio. I think they’re doing an amazing job with the animation with the incorporation of CG into anime. They are definitely hitting the mood and atmosphere with the final season, everything is so much more serious and muted compared to earlier saturated styles. And as a manga reader, I really hope they close off this anime deservingly especially since there’s so many moments coming up that are gonna be great. I just hope they pull off an ending that is more fulfilling and worthy of it’s 8-9 year wait. Still can’t believe I watched this back in 2013 and it’s now coming to a close.

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