Dev-Log #12 – Sean McLaughlin – New Tasks

Moving Into Sales and Changing Twitter Accounts

Between the last few days before my break, and the first few after, a lot has changed. Before break, I was pretty much just doing the same things I’ve been reporting on for a while now. However, after break, Vince completely changed my tasks. Currently, I’m taking a break from the DVNC Twitter and will instead be making posts for the RPG and SETVR Twitter accounts. So far, I’ve scheduled SETVR posts for #wishlestwednesday and have started the #followfriday one. To continue, I’ll need to ask Vince the best way to choose who to put on the #followfriday posts. Not all has gone as planned though. Vince and I have been slightly out of sync so I haven’t been able to get the security code for the RPG Twitter. I also haven’t been able to get in touch about the password for the Leadpages account, which I need to complete a landing page for the game development workbook. Also new this week, I’ve been put on a temporary halt for the marketing workbook until I get through some of my new tasks. 

Another major change this week was moving me into sales for the RPG. To be honest, I don’t fully get this task yet and am gonna ask Vince for some clarity at our next meeting. I know one thing he wanted though was to look into small streamers which I have done a little of so far. 

Although the RPG Book was moved to the lowest priority for me, I worked on it a lot before break, and due to the misalignment of me and Vince’s schedules, I also did a good chunk of working on it these past two days. All the stage stuff I wanted to get done is finished and I’m honestly really happy with how it came out. I’ll improve on it further if I have the time. I also began refining the character pages, which is a more challenging prospect than I had anticipated. It seems that I am making some headway though and hopefully, it’ll get easier as I move on. 

Next Week

To be honest, I’m not fully sure what next week holds. I’m sure I will after I talk to Vince but it’s a little hazy as of now. For sure I’ll be posting on the two Twitters and I’ll be making that landing page but the sales stuff is a bit of an unknown. And I also have no idea how much time I’ll have for the book, so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Weekly Media

This week I wanted to share the video games I started playing over the break.

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