This Week

Unfortunately, personal issues caused my work to come to a screeching halt before the holidays. Now, however, I am getting right back into the grind and picking up from where I left off. I opened the project still very nervous from the file issues that plagued me at the beginning of December, but everything seemed to be where I expected it, which is always good news.

I have started over the Poly-Nav system and believe I can make it even better than I did before. I am currently working on assigning the Speaker enemy to a Poly-Nav path, so that it can move around Otto’s basement in a small area. I want to try to make this path seem as seamless as possible and avoid the sprite clipping with other items in the background. I’ve been tinkering with different paths for the different enemies trying to find the ones I think look and act the best.

Plans for Next Week

My plans for next week are to go full speed ahead on making the Poly-Nav system functional and trying to get as close as possible to being able to complete this task. I want to try and start the animation cycles by next week as well.

This Week's Media

This week’s piece of media is the newest release in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series – FNaF: Security Breach. I haven’t played a Five Nights at Freddy’s game since the second one way back in 2014, and it’s crazy to see how strong the series is still going. I was never a huge fan of jump-scare horror, but I remember the first two games being very fun to play. Apparently this game is an open world game, which seems like a big departure from the classic formula of checking cameras and doors from the “safety” of an office. I might give this game a shot but I also might let a YouTuber like Markiplier, who’s usually amazing at games in this series, do it for me.

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