Back to Work

DVNC is finally back after the long winter break and we are getting right to work. Behind the scenes, concepts for SNAK3’s themes and mechanics are being developed. It is inspiring to see the ideas that the writers and artists are implementing. With all this new material, I have new source material to go off of for future designs.

Flow Document Updates

Since my last update, I have made some changes to the User Flow Document. I have added layouts for the first 10 levels as well as an explanations of what the items do. Nhut had helped me with the level progression and item explanation before break.

All the symbols are temporary, but this helps the development process by showing how levels should be laid out. This slide deck can also be updated later with any changes and then used as a tool for new players.

Boss Design

With the first 10 levels finished, the obvious next step is a boss level! To design for a unique and intriguing boss level, I need to pull a lot of inspiration from the design documents for SNAK3. Right now these documents are still in development but the story seems to be converging around a Neo-Medieval theme with traditional dubious villains. This would demons and chaos and so on. There are some small variations on this classic with the introduction of more complex villains like leaders of different societies in the SNAK3 world and some core concepts similar to our RPG Monochrome.

Since the design is in a state of flux, I want to keep my level designs as general as possible. This is what I did for the first 10 levels. If the green diamonds need to be NPC’s or items, they can be implemented into the template. However with boss design this becomes a little more challenging. I have some ideas but I won’t have something to show until next week. 😉

What’s Next

Like I mentioned, I will be working on the game’s first boss level design but I also will be keeping up with some other tasks. Firstly, I need to fill in the table from the interviews I conducted before break. Also, I need to continue work on the Budget Gantt. With all this fun game design work, I have been pushing off this task but it will get done.

Making Jedi in Stellaris

Over break I finally folded. My friend had been trying to convince me to play Stellaris for a few months and I had some free time. I installed the game and booted up a game with him. At first I was really put off by how overwhelming tasks were coming at me and the very alien and cold way the game introduced its mechanics. I have to admit, I was almost turned away, but for some reason I booted up a solo game and tried it out. From that moment on I have been HOOKED. This game has everything I could every want out of a 4X game. You meet alien empires, form federations, research exciting technologies, colonize planets, engage in epic space battles, and so much more. In my current run through, I am a species of space weasels that use the force. 10/10 would play until 2:00 AM. Shoutout to Will.

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