Today’s log might be a little shorter than most, seeing as break only finished about two days ago and I don’t recall exactly what I did the week before break, but nevertheless I will do my best to elaborate!

Two Days of Progress

For these past two days, I mostly operated on animations. I got a brief rundown on the aspects I will be editing from my supervisor. Along the way, I noticed that I would probably benefit from further dividing animations not only into a looping walk, but also just a walk finish. So I did that! Exciting! Riveting! Divine!

Truly the pinnacle of screenshots

Next Week

Considering I’ve only had two days of progress, it’s not surprising that this task isn’t done yet. It will likely continue to be my focus for the next week.

This Week’s Media: Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course

During 2021’s game awards, a little trailer dropped to remind everyone that the Cuphead DLC isn’t dead! As a huge fan of 2D animation and video game boss fights, to say that Cuphead was an inspiration for me would be a massive understatement. I eagerly look forward to seeing this punny expansion to drop in June!

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